Vision and Mission  

We believe that God has indeed given us a vivid vision to serve Him.   


To see the Gospel renewed church of Jesus Christ in Ethiopia.  


  • Preaching the Gospel by way of using the languages and cultures of society; 
  • Producing true disciples of Jesus Christ; 
  • Entrust the Gospel to faithful people who can preach and make other disciples 
  • Participate and bring a positive impact on social and economic issues to bring renewal in the country.   

Core Values 

  • Word of God: - We accept the Word of God as the ultimate authority and everlasting truth.  
  • Love: - We strive to show our love to God and the human races.  
  • Unity and Fellowship: - We work hard to strengthen our unity and fellowship at the same time respect our differences.   
  • Humbleness: - We see our brothers and sisters as someone better. 
  • Integrity: - We are committed to lead a life of integrity in the sight of the Lord and the people around us. 
  • Commitment: - We are committed to our ministry and we are always ready to pay whatever it costs us.  
  • Exemplary life: - We strive to live an exemplary life to others. 
  • Faith: - We strongly believe that our ministry will reach the end of the World and influence many. 
  • Self-critic: - We strive to evaluate our footsteps and we will take immediate actions against our wrong deeds.