Gospel Ministry

  Renewal church Gospel Ministry is a ministry set apart to preach the Gospel of Christ Jesus alongside other ministries functioning in the renewal church.

 Renewal Church Gospel Ministry has two main tasks

  1. Reaching out the broken world through love and service to fulfill the great commission and
  2. Preaching the Gospel to the lost world by showing Christ to win souls for Christ.

 The Ministry has four main Units to fulfill the purpose: -

  1. Prayer for the lost Group – pray and intercede for the Adamite race to send God his light to their darkness to accept Jesus Christ as savior Coordinator.

                Coordinator: Evangelist Sisay Mesay.

  1. Gospel Outreach Group

The team leads and helps coordinate a plan for reaching out with the Gospel in meaningful ways to our community. This will include mobilizing the congregation to serve the community in various manners to demonstrate love and represent God's grace to them Coordinator  - Evangelist Wubayehu Endalamawe.

  1.  Mentoring New Believers Teach new believers key relationship areas with Christ Jesus.    

Coordinator -Yeshihareg Tegegn

  1. Equipping others to evangelize:

The team train and equip others to evangelize in their spheres of influence.

          Coordinator -Pastor Mengistu Tadese