Historical Background of the Church  

It was in 1991 that the currently ruling government overthrew the communist military government of Ethiopia. The time was also known for its social, political, and economic crises in the country. It was at this time that the founding members of the church had continued to get committed to the Orthodox Church where almost all their families belong.  About 80% of the ministers serving God now in our church, used to go to these local churches in search of spiritual security fearing the political turmoil of the season.  And as a result of our frequent visits to the church, we started to take part in the churches’ ceremonies, which by the time were delivered by, deacons and priests.   

At this course of time, religious freedom prevailed in the country and the consequent evangelical movement of the protestant Church resulted in the migration of believers from the Orthodox Church.  The outcome of this scenario was that all of us were made to wake up and started to study the Holy Scriptures, investigating to find out answers for the major questions, which used to be raised by the protestants and were considered by teachers of the Orthodox Church as “heretical”.  The dramatic result was turned for us to dig out that most resourceful and knowledgeable book- The Holy Bible.   

Staying for a couple of years likewise, there arose a difference of views, understandings, the interpretation made on the scripture, lifestyle among us, and the like.  The basic differences were quite significant and worth studying, basic difference such us:-  

  • How do we make salivation ours? 
  • Is salvation through St. Mary, the mother of Jesus, or through the mere deed of the cross? 
  • Can salivation be obtained through our righteousness (as keeping Sabbath, visiting historical cathedrals and monasteries regularly, or will it be ours by faith) 

Consequently, glory is to God, we sometimes in the group and other time individually began to be touched and insight by the power of the Lord and the cross become clearer and clearer in and sharper word of the Lord, which has the strength of discerning the thought of intents of the heart, we surrendered ourselves to our lives’ shepherd and protector forever.    

We received Jesus as our Lord and savior not in the same manner as usually common-life up hands and get prayer around a pulpit.  It was rather in our prayer yard that we have known our Lord Jesus and accepted him as our soul’s conqueror.  It was in this wonderful and miraculous way that God revealed His astonishing salivation for us.  Hallelujah!!   

Right after this dramatic event, the resulting change in our life made us trust the truth of the Bible, and consequently, we started to challenge such things as contrary to God’s word.  There were for instance worshiping the angels, praying to saints and martyrs for seeking their intercessions, etc.  Following our protest, there emerged two complete outcomes.  One was that some people agreed with the truth and gave their lives to Jesus; however, others, blindly protested the truth and stood against us, among them were deacons and priests.  Hence, the communication grew tenser and tenser in due course of time.  The tension and the contradiction between the Sabbath school (alternatively known as ‘Sunday School’, where most of us belong to) and the priests lasted until 1995.    

In the mildest of all these consecutive events, God had been convincing us that He had called us for a special mission in His kingdom counting us faithful in-spite of the fact that we were very young, most of us still in high schools.  As a result, the contradiction with the church’s priests, and administration could not be resolved even in the mediation of elders and bishops and hence ultimately burst out and caused us to be officially excommunicated from the Orthodox Church once and for all.  Finally, those who had scattered due to the persecution came together and began to worship and serve the Lord, first in a private house than in a rented hole.  Besides, we made our prior agenda to address those who live in the total darkness of eternal death with God’s true light and train them to discipleship.  In the process of passing through the persecution in His grace and mercy, God had helped us to reach a better spiritual status.