Teaching Ministry

The teaching ministry diligently labored with the help of our God and the grace that emanates from the Holy Spirit to teach what our Lord Jesus Commanded to transform the believer to show forth the true light to the world with bearing a fruit that comes from obedience to His word. Our ultimate goal is to have a community of believers who desires God, understand God’s calling and different spiritual gifts in the body of Christ, and live a life worthy of His calling. 

To achieve the purpose of His calling, we will prepare a platform for expositional teaching, different pieces of training, and question and answer programs to equip God’s children to help them grow in His image and knowledge of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The objectives of our teaching ministry are:

  • To make every believer disciples of Christ.
  • To help believers to live a godly life and stay vigil on the second coming of Christ.
  • To make them prepared for the ministry by equipping them with the living word of God.

Among many activities to achieve our objectives, 

  • The teaching department will examine and organized the teaching that presents in the Church program to keep the holiness of the Gospels and do Apologetic works to defend the faith that once delivered to us.
  • The teaching department will empower the youth to be the next leader and work with children ministry to have a future generation whose desire is God and His glory.