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Technology Ministry

 Technology Ministry is one of the outreach ministries for The Renewal Church. The church can leverage technology in these four areas: -Expanded reach, Radical collaboration, Mobilized and equipped congregations. Besides, The Churches can leverage technology to make sure our church members have resources or assets to assist us in evangelism.

Our Purpose is to connect ordinary people with an extraordinary God by… by creating engaging and meaningful media that helps people worship and grow, finding creative ways to engage with people where ever they are and draw people into our church and into an encounter with God.

Worship Media Tech 

Description: - What do they do ይህ አንተ የምሰራው የመድረክ/ድ

Coordinator Astawse Negusie

tecno web pic final

Videographer & Photographer

Coordinator Mulatu

Shoot, edit, and produce a video for the church website, social media platforms, and other media as needs arise. Generate high-quality still images and videos worthy of wide audiences that showcase broadcast via the website and social media platforms.